Langa Mngoma: Goodbye Shine #Hellomatte

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The infallible Dr. Langa Mngoma is the new face of Estee Lauder’s Goodbye Shine #Hellomatte campaign.  Goodbye Shine #Hellomatte is about working women balancing their everyday busy lives whilst keeping fresh and matte – making Mngoma the perfect representative for the brand. Mngoma is the sibling to Nandi Madida and as most known as a contestant on SABC 2’s reality show “Famous”.

The montage for the campaign briskly whisks the viewer through a series of visionary images in the life of Mngoma.  She delightfully explains her ability to balance the heavy working hours of being a doctor, exploring the various cities in South Africa, finding solace in nature and music, whilst looking beautifully shine-free and matte.

As a well-known role-model to many South Africans, she finds her own inspiration from everyday people.  She is “inspired by people who radiate positivity, who treat others well and who are passionate about life”.  In fact, she does not necessarily find inspiration from young, Black females who walk and talk like her but instead, as a doctor, she can find inspiration in her patients.

Not only does she find inspiration from individuals, but also from the electric continent of Africa.  She is proud to be a part of a diverse continent filled with a richness in culture.  This evidenced by the array of African clothing designs adorned on her throughout the commercial.  Mngoma can only be described as a dynamic working woman who enjoys exploring life.  She “wants to defy stereotypes and push the boundaries of what it means to be a modern African woman”.

And as we look in awe at her radiant skin, we had to ask – how do you keep your complexion so gorgeous:  she whimsically responded, “lemon water and green tea as a healthy lifestyle will always show”.

Watch the video below for more information on the campaign:



Elisabeth Makumbi

Elisabeth Makumbi is an admitted attorney in South Africa, but in her spare time is a charmingly chocolate coated part-time blogger with an interest in African literature, social entrepreneurship, and infallible fashion trends. Catch her on twitter and instagram for more awkward black girl photos and quotes.

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