Yemi Alade is touring the US, and you should be there

The King of Queens is on her way to the United States!

With the release of her sophomore album, Mama Africa, Yemi Alade has decided to bless the United States with an authentic good time. Careerwise, it is the smartest move she could have made and the timing is perfect. Afropop is surely having an American moment, and I am here for it. If you didn’t know, African artists are all over the airwaves.  Check out Davido, P Square, and Wizkid who have been working with the likes of Chris Brown and Drake to make certified hits, and now everybody needs a syncopated beat for their summertime hits.

As far as the ladies are concerned, Yemi Alade is Mama Africa indeed. She became a international hit with her  single “Johnny,” off her first album King of Queens.  It’s a catchy song about a woman looking for her good for nothing boo, who also has several other women looking for him too! While the video  the title track for an Nollywood reprise of Why do Fools Fall in Love it is the perfect track for you to shake body. Check out the hilarious video below:

No Afrobeat and afropop playlist is complete without Yemi Alade. I think I heard her in Zumba class last week. Her latest album describes the unique African Feminist perspective. With songs, like “Marry Me” and “Baby Back” you learn about just how bomb African women can be as partners, their dedication to their men which is born and taught all over the diaspora. If you are not familiar with Yemi’s music, or with Afrobeats don’t let the language barrier stop you as you can see from the video, it’s all about how you move to the beat.

I first learned Yemi was on an international tour when I saw an instagram video of her sold out Paris show.  The crowd was crazy!  Yemi herself is the only one at the moment performing in full Ankara in two languages. Her looks are editorial, and  include unique and inspirational African fashions, making her a model in her own right. So when you grab a ticket to this show you will want to be in uniform.

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As of the publication date Yemi has scheduled the following shows:

May 21, DTLA, Los Angeles, CA

July 1, Level 13 Ultra Lounge, Oakland, CA

August 4, Howard Theater, Washington D.C.


Joy Mohammed


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