Summer festivals to show off your Zuvaa fashions

Festival Season is upon us! We know this because H&M tells us so. Yes, all the fast fashion retailers have brought out their destructed denim  shorts, fringed dusters, and loose fitting vintage inspired tanks. If you are like me, you were not feeling it last year, and this year is no different.

While these fashion choices may be all the rage a Coachella, or the now defunct Fyre Festival (he he) Here a list of some more representative festivals for the brown skinned girl in the rink… Tra la la la la.

Here you will find Zuvaa’s most festival friendly looks paired with this summer’s best festivals. Click on the photos for more information.

Afro Punk, various dates, various locations. Afro Punk is a music festival which celebrates the eclectic and diverse nature of blackness. No two lineups the same, this festival travels throughout the world giving life to all who attend. They will be in Brooklyn, Paris, London, Johannesburg, and Atlanta this year. Tickets are fairly priced at $34- $250 depending on your lifestyle. And you can even earn a ticket by volunteering for the event.

The LARAW Watu Jogers ($55) are perfect for Afro punk. Pair them with a witty pro black tshirt for max impact.

Curlfest 2017, Brooklyn, July 15. This event is hosted by the Curly Girl Collective, a blog for women with natural hair. I think if you were to attend Curlfest not wearing your print you will be extremely out of place. Check out some of the pictures on their website. There will be hair tutorials, performances, product demos, etc. I am also sure you will leave there with more than your fair share of Cantu leave in conditioner samples. And it is free with an RSVP.

Melange Mode’s Raven Ruffle Dress ($129) is the perfect playful pair for this festival which is clearly all about the curls

Dance Africa 2017, Brooklyn, May 26-29 Dance Africa has dance classes, concerts, performances, and a bazaar. It is well attended, and expertly curated.

Bukky Shift Dress ($69.99) is perfect for Dance Africa. The roomy dress allows you to dance when the street walking drummers show up.

Naturally FLYY Detroit presents:
WE ROCK DOPE HAIR…A natural hair experience, June 5 Detroit
. Ssisters Etta Espy and Jen ‘Quitly Flyy’ Thomas have been putting on  Detroit’s only natural hair meet up for some time, quite successfully. It is Detroit’s biggest gathering of black hair and style.

Tribal Groove’s imperial design is fit for a queen. The low cut back is great for an alluring exposure of your female physique. The roomy skirt will keep you heat in the humid summer heat. ($90-$98)

Caribana Weekend, August 3-7, Toronto, Canada. Caribana is life. The entire town gets in it. Soca, fete, reggae, can be heard anywhere as Toronto celebrates it ties to the Caribbean. The music, parades, food, and feathers for days! This is an all ages event in Toronto. Celebrities have been known to partake, and it is child friendly.

Mangishi Doll’s Gelo Skater Dress ($170) is one of the many items on Zuvaa which can meet to colorful nature of Caribana.

Essence Fest, June 29- July 3. New Orleans. Check out the musical line up this year. Do you really think you will be out of place in your Ankara? I am convinced Essence fest is where black girls go to recharge their magic. So statement pieces are necessary

Pauline Asmah created this playful one sleeve jumper which will surely turn heads. The bright colors are perfect for summer. Pockets are good for stuffing free samples.

FYF Festival, Los Angeles, July 21-23. This year: Missy. Misdemeanor. Elliot. I have never had the privilege of seeing her perform but when you do I believe you should be your best self. Erika has Badu, Solange (again) Andersen. Paak, Frank Ocean, and others will be there making this a truly ecclectic festival- you need to bring your A- game.

The Melange Mode Kenya CRop Top ($49.99) is perfect for the FYF festival. You can wear it with denim shorts or pants, or pull a solid color out.

Hit the comments with your honorable mentions.


Joy Mohammed


Joy Mohammed is a writer based out of Detroit. She is passionate about education of black and brown children, learning new things, traveling, and eating all the food on her plate. Facebook: Joy Mohammed IG: pluswithminuslifestyle Twitter: pluswithminus

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