From observation and experience, there are five good reasons people wear fashion dresses.  Maybe for the gala, business, night-time in the city, in fact, it is down to five main reasons why we decide to wear fashion dresses for that day.

Let’s be frank, ladies; Fashion is not something most men understand. What is fashion all about? Fashion is an art show, that seems not to be meaningful, but it gives us the quake of empowerment and excitement when we can wear latest dresses and when other women notice that we are wearing it. Here are five major reasons why we love to wear fashion dresses:

  1. To feel sexy – most women wear fashion clothes to get men’s attention (feminist, please take the time to throw your stone now). These dresses are the ones that indicate our major assets. If it’s our legs, sketches, our beautiful booties or our flat belly, some days we wear clothes to turn men into drooling little children. What’s wrong with a little ego boost yet? Well … I will not answer, but I have to say that some women take this approach to the extreme and look like prostitutes or strippers.

  1. To look trendy – These are the days we wear beautiful fashion dress or some expensive box type clothes that we saw on someone, much like something someone from the big city would wear. These dresses are for women because men look at women and they think, “Oh, I do not understand,” and fashion is an art that women know so much.  Also, it feels great when other women compliment you and the dress you’re wearing.
  2. We wear them to please our desire – This is one of my favorite dress patterns. I will be looking up and thinking who am I today? – Am I a going to be a makeup artist in all black today? Am I a “rich girl” dressed in a suit with expensive things? Or am I in a bunch of many pieces throughout today, they are incredible, and the mind can seem ridiculous? It depends on the mood of that day.
  1. To be comfortable and homely – we wear fashion dresses to stay comfortable. Yes, many of our clothes are terribly uncomfortable, and sometimes we just want to step outside and feel relaxed, but it is better to stop wearing pajamas in public, you can wear something comfortable that does not make you look awful.  Over-sized T-shirts are OK (just OK) when you are going for a jog or doing work out, but that is all.
  2. To look beautiful and attractive – The combination of all of the above or part of the reasons, I like this option. Who does not want to feel beautiful and be noticed by both men and women? An excellent example would be a black jersey short dress with a long necklace and a kick ass statement ring. Men like your feet, women love your jewelry; you love to be matched, fit and very comfortable.

So, these are some of the reasons we love to wear fashion dresses!